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With its proprietary single pass UV inkjet technology, Durst provides the required flexibility, to produce fast, efficient, high quality print for a complete range of label & packaging applications. Primarily small and medium runs are highly profitable with digital systems from Durst. The options are virtually unlimited and open up an enormous potential for new products and services in an ever changing market.

The already famous UV Tau 330 Print Press is currently used by over 90 companies worldwide and, based upon various requirements from its customers, Durst has implemented additional developments to this highly successful product range.

With the introduction of the Tau 330's modular configurations, users can now 'Configure their Digital Future' as a stand-alone digital solution or as an entirely automated production unit with integrated conventional or digital finishing lines.


Tau 330 Case Studies


    Emily Kroll, Durst Business Director
    Label Expo 2015


    Chris Howard, Durst VP of Business Development
    Label Expo 2015

Tau 330E: The Entry Level Stand Alone Solution


  • Tau 330E

    Tau 330E is a cost effective stand alone UV inkjet label press for small and medium size companies active in the label printing business. The single pass UV inkjet label press is supplied with the new highly pigmented UV inks, which with a lower load of ink will reach high quality print results, thus substantially reducing the overall ink consumption.

    The Tau 330E can be configured for a print width of 8" or 13" and 4 (CMYK) or 5 colors (CMYK + W). The print speed can reach up to 48 linear meters (157 ft.) per minute and the user can choose among two print resolutions: the standard resolution of 720 x 360 dpi and the HD print resolution of 720 x 1260 dpi. The Tau 330E has been designed with specific care to investment and production costs, without affecting productivity and print quality. For the pre-press stage, Tau 330E will be configured with its new Durst Imaging Engine. That is why the Tau 330E is the ideal entry level solution into industrial digital printing and will prove to be successful thanks to its excellent TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

    Range of Applications
  • Tau 330E

    Range of Applications

    • Small and medium runs of industrial- and security type labels, durable electronics and automotive labels, labels for paint, beverages, body care- and household articles, as well as labels for chemicals, DIY and many others.

    • Printing on die-cut labels (blank labels).

    • Late stage versioning of pre-printed label jobs.

Durst Tau 330 Customizable Solution


  • Tau 330 as stand-alone solution

  • Tau 330 with external Jumbo Unwinder and Rewinder

    For industrial production, Tau 330 can be equipped with jumbo unwinding and rewind units. These can accommodate rolls of up to 40" in diameter, a max length of 4,000 linear meters (13,000') and a max media width of 330 mm (14").

  • Tau 330 with LFS 330 (in-line Laser Finishing System)

  • Tau 330 with external Jumbo Unwinder and LFS 330 (in-line Laser Finishing System)

    To optimize productivity through a totally digital end-to-end workflow, Tau 330 can be configured with an inline digital laser finishing system by Spartanics, the die cutting specialist. This high performance laser enables the system to automatically exchange jobs and sequence in one unique step.

  • Tau 330 with external Jumbo Unwinder and 3rd party Conventional Finishing Solutions


Tau LFS 330

Durst Tau 330 Options

  • In-line Corona treatment as well as in-line web cleaning are available to allow adequate material treatment to ensure best possible print properties.

  • A range of special curing options such as the optional built-in chill roller and Inert-Gas system support printing of unsupported and heat sensitive film and foil, thus expanding application options and opening new markets to labels & package print providers.

  • Highly accurate substrate transport and special winding arms allow printing on a wide range of substrates.

  • To increase the print quality, reliability and production security, the Tau 330 can be equipped in addition with a built-into the press high-resolution Video Inspection System from NIKKA for automatic detection of print defects during printing.


Choice of Tau Inks

For the various fields of application, Tau 330 features three ink systems that enable the machine to reach a silk screen and flexo print quality, respecting the latest low migration guidelines.

Durst Tau 330 Inks: Standard, Low Migration & High Pigment Inks

  • Tau UV high performance inks are characterized by their wide color space. This enables 70% of the Pantone colors to be covered using 4 process colors and over 90% using 6 process colors. In single pass mode, also the Tau's high opacity white option guarantees optimal results. Tau UV inks are light-proof, scratch and chemical resistant. This makes them especially suitable for out-door applications, as well as industrial and safety signage applications.

  • For printing primary food packaging, the Tau 330 can be equipped with the 2nd generation of Tau Low Migration Inks by SUNJET. The first generation has already been used by 20% of Tau customers thus opening up new business opportunities. The current ink formulation and the Tau Low Migration Ink substrates comply with the guidelines of the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) , Nestle, and the Swiss Ordinance on Materials & Articles.

  • For the new and cost effective Tau 330E, Durst has furthermore developed a new highly pigmented ink set, which will permit an ink savings of up to 25%. This ink laydown reduction also creates more of a matte flexo look and feel.