List of things I inspect on a house:

STRUCTURE- Foundation, Floors, Walls, Attic, etc

ROOF-Covering, Flashing, Eaves, Soffits, Fascias, Vents, Gutters, Skylights, Chimneys, etc

EXTERIOR- Driveway, Windows, Doors, Lighting, Pools, Sprinkler System, Grading, Vegetation, Decks, Porches, Patios, etc

INTERIOR-Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Counters, Cabinets, Stairs, Doors, Windows, etc

ELECTRICAL-Service Entrance Equipment, Electrical Panels, Appliances, Visible Wiring and Breakers, Outlets, Grounding, etc

HEATING AND COOLING-Air Conditioning/Heating System, Controls, Ducts, Air Filter, Vents, etc

– Visible Interior Water Supply, Fixtures, Faucets, Functional Flow, Leaks, Drains, Hot Water System, etc