Sunidaze Salves and Oils are always all natural and made with the absolute best ingredients. We use a local minimally processed beeswax in all of our salves. We use the highest quality of olive oil and coconut oil for a silky soft feel and top quality therapeutic essential oils. We do not use only one brand of essential oils because we love all of them equally. We do however promise to use only the best and most pure essential oils from the top and most renown essential oil companies!

Sunidaze only uses the best herbs and flowers and of course SUNSHINE for our sun-infused herbal fusions (never cooked); including our Calendula oil, St Johns Wort oil, Plantain oil, Arnica and many more.

6 Weeks of Sunshiney goodness infuses the herbs and flowers together to make our oils. We lock in all of the herbal goodness to give you the maximum potency in all of our products.