Love Finesse


Each bundle is curated based on average number of hours for merged services, the client’s interest level in personal style and/or style evolution, and for the sake of literally owning what you own; Love Finesse takes pride in full use of wardrobe items, while most people only wear 20% of the wardrobe they’ve invested in.

Styling bundles are based on my clientele’s direction of goals: solidifying or changing up the wardrobe necessary per lifestyle journey.    They take in to consideration several factors, and your first call or video appointment of the year is free to talk it out!

And if you don’t need a bundle, all services are available a la carte for a fixed hourly rate.

In the event of a cancellation a 48- hour notice is preferable, but if you cancel 24 hours before our scheduled session you will receive your full deposit back.  Under 24 hours or no notice you receive half of your deposit back.

Love Finesse offers in-person and virtual assistance to accommodate modern style of life, and keep the essence of this service: personal.   There are no third- party algorithms and sales that can capitalize on your wardrobe needs and invade your space. All information collected and created for clients are kept confidential, unless otherwise agreed.

Love Finesse offers help with visual narratives, merchandising and styling management, and set- up & showcase for brand representation.  The locations incl. boutiques, conventions, festivals, photoshoots + for up to 1200ft.*

*larger spaces will require collaborative services for presentation

Love Finesse does offer gift certificates and ideas for presenting this gift for others.  Once purchased, the person receiving the service will have six months to start the session.

*Also, styling party themes are available by request( group of 6 to 12 people)


Yeeessss! Love Finesse is here for the savings!  Just say the *magic word* and all options and resources will be exhausted for shopping sessions!