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What Are You Worth?

Your company is much more than the sum of its parts: It’s the product of years of experience, the quality of the relationships you’ve built, the talent of your staff, and the unique worth of your products and services as they have evolved over time. To accurately capture your company’s full value, you must be able to tell a story that goes beyond its numbers, one that is attuned to your ideal buyer’s needs and compelling enough to spark the decision to buy. With more than 75 middle market mergers and acquisitions ranging in size from $20 – $500 million to our team’s credit, Merit Harbor Capital brings advice, strategies and a best-in-class mergers & acquisitions process that delivers results.

Local Services with Global Reach

MHC provides personalized advisory services across the US and around the world through our highly skilled partner for cross-border transactions, CDI Global.


Entrepreneurs, large corporations, private equity firms and family offices trust our seasoned team to guide them through the M&A process. Like traditional investment banks, our team members are experts in their verticals who follow a rigorous process – and we secure successful M&A outcomes for our clients. Unlike traditional firms, our personalized approach means our bankers take the time to get to know your business and devise a strategy tailored to yield the best results for you and your company.

Get superior results with a highly skilled team and a transformative M&A 2.0® process, combining value creation with a broad auction approach. Whether you’re ready to sell your firm or pursue acquisition as a growth strategy, our experience results in deals that add value.

Engagements include:

  • Sell-Side M&A Representation


  • Buy-Side M&A Representation


  • Management Buyout (MBO) Representation


  • Corporate Divestiture Representation


  • M&A Resources

  • Full M&A 2.0® Companies Are Sold Not Bought